React Native App development

React Native is a JavaScript framework that comprises advanced features to deliver groundbreaking mobile app development solutions for both iOS and Android. It allows you to build native applications in JavaScript by reusing the code across mobile and web, while still delivering a real native user interface. Developed by Facebook, it is one of the swiftly growing programming languages embraced by an increasing number of react native app developers in India and around the world.

Being a leading react native app development company in India, we build powerful multi-platform apps based on React Native platform. These apps are backed by a set of aesthetically pleasing User Interfaces, delivering an interactive user experience that is par excellence.

We have assisted umpteen clients to achieve business excellence by offering amazing digital experiences to their customers using our React Native development services. We closely follow the latest advancements in the framework to develop apps for e-commerce, social networking, utility, enterprise apps, and more.

We have an in-house team of adept React Native developers who boast great communication and technical skills. They build stable, top-tier apps that are cost-effective and adaptive to your business needs, thus making us a leading React Native app development company in India.

Benefits of React Native App Development

Maximum Code Re-usability

The platform allows you to reuse as much as 90% of the code within iOS and Android versions, leading to immense savings in terms of development time and costs.


React Native is a component-based framework, where you can build enclosed components using JavaScript, and assemble them all together to create complex and engaging UIs.

Live Updates

With React Native, you can directly push updates to the user’s application without having to wait for app store approvals. This means you can push your next release without requiring the user to update his app.

Zero Dependency

With no dependency on any other technology, React Native offers an all-inclusive ecosystem to develop superlative apps.

Why Choose Cumulations as Your Preferred React Native App Development Company in India?

  • React Native Consulting

    Our React Native mavericks will first get in touch with you to precisely apprehend all the “Whats” and “Hows” of your requirement. Based on your inputs, we will propose you the most fitting development solution along with a lucidly laid out plan of action so that you can accomplish your business goals as well as get an on-time delivery of your app deliverable.

  • React Native Development & Design

    Our team of designers will help you to create an engaging user interface for the app. Based on that, our React Native Developers, holding a clear understanding of the React Native API Library, will follow an agile methodology to build an app that is stable, secure, scalable and reliable.

  • Support and Maintenance

    At Cumulations, we use an advanced app monitoring system to offer complete support and maintenance. We follow crash analytics, response times, and system uptime to ensure that your app compliments your real business objectives.

React Native Development Services we offer

  • Full cycle react native development

    Right from designing an interactive UI to developing a feature-packed cross-platform app for Android as well as iOS, we provide a comprehensive range of development services. Our highly experienced programmers deliver mobility solutions suiting your specific requirements.

  • Code Audit

    At Cumulations, we help to audit the coding of your existing application. Our proficient developers expertly review and scrutinize the code to identify all the glitches and suggest changes to improve its performance, strength, and speed.

  • App Migration to React Native

    Our proficient team of developers can help you migrate your existing app from any platform to the latest version of React Native. These apps integrate enhanced capabilities and an intuitive UI/UX to provide an improved user experience.

  • React Native Development & Design

    An MVP development with React Native is a cost-effective option to verify your app idea and validate its feasibility in the market. At Cumulations, our developers help to build a robust channel to help your app idea reach the market faster

React Native Development Process we follow in our React Native App Development Company in India

Requirements meet

Here, we conduct a thorough discussion with the client to understand his requirements, goals, and business objectives

SRS Documentation

A comprehensive software requirements specification (SRS) document is signed that carefully enlists the purpose, description, and detailed requirements of the product.

Project Structure Creation

Our team of advisors develop a wide-ranging strategy that maps out the use of latest tools and technologies to create a robust product.

Design Creation

This stage involves creating wireframes of the app that demonstrate the structure of the app and every part of its screen.


Our React Native App Development Company ensure a smooth and seamless implementation using advanced tools and technologies.

QA Testing

Every sprint is accompanied by a testing phase that helps to measure the functionality and performance of the app.


The app is submitted to all the app stores after fulfilling their specific guidelines. We also offer complete product maintenance and support.

Why Hire React Native Developers from Cumulations?

At Cumulations, we deliver an extensive range of React Native development services for all types of enterprises. Our highly tailored solutions are positioned around leveraging the sturdy mobile app development framework to shape secure and highly scalable apps.

Our top-of-the-line designers, developers, and consultants have over 6 years of experience in creating React Native apps. These apps are built to target your specific business model and achieve improved performance.

You can easily hire our expert React Native developers for all your project needs. We offer three effective hiring options that provide complete flexibility to hire a professional developer or a team of advisors, as per your needs. These developers are experts in building visually stunning, intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly cross-platform web and mobile applications

Throughout our perky working career, we have managed a comprehensive delivery of projects of all sizes. Our versatile experience in tandem with our ability to work with advanced tools and technologies makes us a leading React Native mobile app development company.

Our Business Models

At Cumulations, we offer three flexible engagement options to choose from.

Fixed Time/ Fixed Cost Project Model

  • One-time fixed price payment contract
  • No hidden costs
  • Fixed deadlines and budget
  • No setup fees
  • Best suited for small-scale projects with well-defined requirements

Time & Material Model (T&M)

  • Pay-as-you-go hourly rolling contract
  • No hidden costs
  • Pay only for the work done
  • Monthly billing
  • Best suited for large-scale projects with dynamic requirements

Dedicated Team Model (DTM)

  • Pay-as-you-go monthly rolling contract
  • No hidden costs
  • Working as per the client’s requirements
  • Unrestrained access to a large pool of React Native professionals
  • Productive and flexible approach

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