What is Flutter app development?

Google’s Flutter is a free and open-source mobile app SDK used by our Flutter App Development Company in Bangalore to develop top-quality native interfaces for Android and iOS in record time. The new framework uses a single codebase for both Android and iOS platforms, thus plummeting the turnaround time.

This new launch by Google is not just anticipated to ease and fasten the app development process but is also expected to extend an improved app experience to users.

As a leading Flutter App Development Company in India, at Cumulations we have a skilled team of flutter developers, who can offer flutter app development services faultlessly. We strongly hold that in order to leverage the advantages of this new-fangled technology, it is vital to execute and implement it in the right way. Hire Flutter Developers from Cumulations to execute your flutter app development process smoothly and efficiently.

Benefits of Flutter app development

Swift & easy coding

The framework comes with a Hot Reload feature that enables you to instantly check the result of your coding on the app screen. This makes the entire process of development much faster and easier.

Single based coding

With Flutter, you do not need to develop duplicate codes for different platforms. The framework offers a single code for iOS and Android. This is primarily because Flutter has its own set of designs and widgets and does not depend upon the platform, enabling developers to spare their capability in crafting inventive apps.

Dart benefit

Flutter is based on the dart, a language that offers native performance for various platforms, compiles ahead of time, and finally, offers smooth animations which load at the speed of 60 FPS. Additionally, the availability of extensive dart library makes writing Flutter tasks all the easier.

Material design & cupertino

Flutter allows for creating interactive and expressive UI and visually enthralling Cross-Platform Native apps with widget library built of both Material Design (Android) and Cupertino (iOS).

Build your own widget

With Flutter app development, you can easily customize the existing widgets to build a new one or you can just hire flutter developers to do the work for you. The widget library comes with a whole range of options that can be readily customized, enabling you to develop responsive and interesting mobile apps.

Improved experience for users

This newly launched technology comes with an unassailable list of features that helps the developers in offering a smoother experience to the end users.

Why Hire Flutter Developers for your project?

Cumulation Technologies a Flutter App Development Company in Bangalore has been known far and wide for several accomplishments in the arena of flutter app development. Despite the recent existence of Google’s Flutter as compared to other frameworks, we have managed to get habituated to its method of functioning, thus making us the leading flutter app development company in Bangalore. You can hire flutter developers from our company in India to draw out the smartest solutions for your diverse cross-platform development projects.

Technical Skills of Our Flutter Developers

Strong knowledge of different architecture approaches
Strong knowledge of different architecture approaches
Deep familiarity with Dart programming language and Flutter framework
Deep familiarity with Dart programming language and Flutter framework
Good knowledge of Git and experience with GoF patterns
Good knowledge of Git and experience with GoF patterns
Experience in programming languages for mobile app development- Swift and Kotlin
Experience in programming languages for mobile app development- Swift and Kotlin

Why Choose Cumulations as Flutter App Development company in Jaipur?

Cumulations is a full-cycle Flutter app development company in Bangalore leveraging this incredible technology since its inception to develop efficient mobile apps. Our exceptional Flutter app development services enable us to craft high-powered apps with native performance and intuitive UI.

Flutter is one of the best frameworks for cross-platform app development. It is an open-source mobile app SDK that enables developers to build engaging mobile apps with native interfaces, using a single codebase. With Flutter, it is easy to develop high-quality apps suitable for both, Android and iOS.

Using the most advanced technologies, all our custom Flutter apps are geared to perform with precision and accuracy across different platforms. Our developers make the best use of the framework’s expressive UI features to build mobile solutions that behave as seamlessly as a native app. This has resulted in a long list of contented customers who keep coming back to us for more.

Our Business Models

As a reputed Flutter app development company in India, we offer three different business engagement models to suit the exact needs of our clients.

Fixed Time Model

  • Less flexible model best suited for small-scale projects
  • Well-defined project requirements
  • Cost and project details estimated at the start

Time & Material Model

  • Suitable for projects that require flexibility
  • Offers control over cost and development progress of the project
  • Monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly rates charged

Dedicated Team Model

  • Access to a team of skilled and experienced IT professionals
  • Full control over team and project
  • Best suited for long-term projects
  • Flexible in terms of skills and expertise needed to complete the project

Why to choose Cumulations as an iPhone/iOS app development company?

We have a team of skilled Flutter developers, Material design and cupertino experts, and cross-platform app testing & QA specialists who work round the clock to build beautiful Flutter apps for multiple platforms. They possess complete knowledge of Dart programming language and Flutter architecture to deliver highly customized app development solutions that help our clients streamline their business processes with ease.

  • A powerful team of Dart programmers, Cross-Platform Testing & QA Specialists, and Material Theming Experts
  • Innovative and Custom Approach
  • Agile Methodology
  • Unswerving Focus on UI/UX
  • Intensive Research
  • Industry-Specific Solutions

Unique Benefits of Working with Us

Though Flutter is a relatively new framework, we anticipated the amazing advantages it had over other cross-platform technologies and quickly adopted it. Ever since we have developed expressive and delightful Flutter applications to help customers grow their revenue.

Our app development company in India has been leveraging Flutter since the very beginning for producing smart mobile apps. We highly recommend Flutter app development as the framework offers an absolute treasure trove of programming tools and libraries that assist our developers to unleash the full potential of custom Flutter development.

  • Agile Methodologies

    We use Agile methodology for our Flutter application development process. The approach enables us to sort our project requirements and evolve them throughout the process leveraging the concerted effort of our expert cross-functional teams and our customers.

  • Cost-efficient

    Our Flutter mobile app development services are highly cost-efficient. Our team assesses your precise business requirements and devises the most compatible solution at an affordable cost. We suggest the use of tools and technologies that offer desired results in an optimum way.

  • Transparency

    We believe in complete transparency in all our dealings. All our application development processes and codes are available on GIT so that the clients can have a look whenever they want.

  • Flexibility

    At Cumulations, we are flexible in terms of working hours, our methodology, coding practices, and much more. We are available round the clock to address any queries that our clients may have.

Flutter App Development Services We Offer

Flutter for web development

With our Flutter web development services, crafting apps for the web is quick and hassle-free. Our talented experts work round the clock to build engaging, responsive, and graphically-rich Flutter apps that deliver an incredible user experience.

Dart app development

Our Dart app development services enable you to easily move your applications from their existing tech stacks to Flutter. Our team of experienced and highly skilled Dart programmers ensures quality development.

Custom Flutter app development

Leveraging our custom Flutter application development services, we create functional and feature-packed Flutter apps to enable our clients streamline their business operations with ease.

API development & integration

To meet your precise business requirements, our mobile app development company can help to build and deploy REST APIs.

Flutter app consulting

Not sure if Flutter is the ideal choice for your next product or idea? Our expert Flutter consultants and app developers will help you choose the right tactics and roadmap.

Flutter migration & up-gradation

Whether you want to migrate to/from Flutter or want to upgrade your existing Flutter application to the latest version, we are happy to help you out. Depending on your business needs, our superior and agile migration and up-gradation services will keep your app up-to-date for the users.

Flutter for desktop

Our mobile app development company helps you reach more customers via smart Flutter desktop apps that run on different OS from a single codebase. This eradicates the need for developing a separate app for desktop users and secures greater reach with less effort and money.

Maintenance & support

At Cumulations, our mobile app development job does not end with the mobile app deployment. We offer continuous support and maintenance services for our Flutter apps even after they are deployed to ensure superior performance and zero downtime.

Our Flutter App Development Process in India

Information gathering & brainstorming

Our Flutter mobile app development process begins with understanding and analyzing your unique business requirements. Our Flutter team delineates the scope of the project and shortlists the development technologies to be used.


Our Flutter app developers create a wireframe that helps to design an aesthetically appealing UI that translates to a beautiful Flutter app UX.

UI/UX design

Next, we move onto the UI/UX of the app intending to create a seamless design with a refined look. Our UI/UX designers create a blueprint to provide visual direction to the developers regarding the look and feel of the app.

App development

At Cumulations, we use Agile Methodology where the entire project is classified into smaller milestones. Thus, our developers complete the mobile app in a series of cycles. Every cycle comprises four steps: planning, development, testing, and review.

Quality assurance

Upon the completion of every development milestone, the app is passed on to the testing team for validation and thorough quality analysis.

Beta release

Beta release involves working with a group of app testers to use the app in the real world. This stage enables us to see how the app performs on different devices, operating systems, network conditions, and locations.

App store launch

When the mobile app is ready to submit, we deploy it on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. While Google makes the app live the very same day, Apple may take a couple of days to carefully review the application before making it live.

Support & Maintenance

We offer complete post-development support and maintenance services to keep your app up-to-date at all times. With our superior Flutter application development, it is easy to maintain your application and our responsive support further ensures its smooth functioning.

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