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We're top-notch Blockchain developers, designers, and product owners - ready to build your product. We have experience within the Healthcare, FinTech, Education, Advertising, and Logistics industry. The team of Volan Software and Technologies successfully delivered numerous Block Chain products. From discovery to implementation, we provide the right services to overcome your technical and business struggles. We works on Results Driven Retention - our well-tested methodology helps you to hit business goals.

Aspects of Blockchain Technology


It basically contains encrypted data and holds hashed groups of valid transactions. A cryptographic hash is included in every block that links the block with the previous block.


The linked blocks makes a chain. The information in the blockchain can be stored on different computers concurrently.

Blockchain Technology

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

We'll raise the capital of your business through ICO or the Token Generation Event that will provide a good kick start to your company. VolanSoft is at the forefront of ICO consulting, promotions and development with multiple of ICOs executed already. Our aptitude ranges over the total range of a Blockchain Product Development through ICO course, from arranging of an ICO to running and advancing it, until the advancement of the Blockchain Services.

Smart Contract Development

We develop smart o digital contract to automate the process,  transactions and agreements, helping to reduce costs, hence security and end for good the very confusing and not reliable paperwork. Customizable for any type of industry, Up to date with every new technology and innovation in the blockchain world, our team of experts is focused on building an outstanding computer-based protocol.

Cryptocurrency Development

We develops advanced crypto-coins using cutting-edge technology, giving you the power to stay ahead in the altcoin race. Our crypto-currency creation services using - Cryptocurrency Development,  Bitcoin software development, Smart contracts development, Smart contract Audit and Crypto-mining.

Wallet Development

Volan Software and Technologies is the most sought-after Blockchain Technology service provider by having experience of building top-notch Bitcoin wallet applications and Blockchain applications. The wallets developed using blockchain can store cryptocurrencies securely and additionally, these wallets can also send and receive BTC simply or any other supported crypto coins.Our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Help You to make secure online payments with public and private key; we also simplified cryptocurrency exchange for your users

Exchanger Development

We integrate the following features to create your own cryptocurrency exchange while ensuring fast time-to-market.With our advanced cryptocurrency exchange software, you will receive state-of-the-art platform customized to suit your requirements. That's not all, our cutting-edge digital asset exchange software coupled with top of the line security features offer stellar performance for worry-free transactions.

Cryptocurrency Consultation

Our professionals are highly experienced and capable enough to clear your doubts. We specially designed counseling answers for various organizations since all business are one of a kind in their own particular manner. Our consulting service involves following steps: Analysis of Business:, Brainstorming meetings, Solution Designs and Proof of Concept Development.

Crypto Wallet Development

Developing digital wallet for secure transactions of the cryptocurrencies. The new age currencies are stored, transacted and maintained using meticulous programming and processes for seamless motion in the network.

We assist businesses to develop their own crypto wallets and help them to incorporate the benefits of blockchain into their business.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Fido U2F
    Fido U2F
  • Dogecoin
  • ZCash
  • Stratis
  • Ripple
  • Bitcoin Cash
    Bitcoin Cash
  • Komodo
  • Ethereum Classic
    Ethereum Classic
  • ARK

Industries We Work With

We serve a wide range of industries including Logistics, Travel, Real-Estate, Healthcare, FMCG, Not-For-Profit, Banking, etc.

  • Food and Restaurants
    Food and Restaurants
  • Travel
  • Real-Estate
  • Health and Fitness
    Health and Fitness
  • Shopping and E-Commerce
    Shopping and E-Commerce
  • Education and E-Learning
    Education and E-Learning
  • Media and Entertainment
    Media and Entertainment

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Blockchain Technology

It basically contains encrypted data and holds hashed groups of valid transactions.

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