React Native: A Desired Knowledge for App Development
  • 07 Jan 2019
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React Native: A Desired Knowledge for App Development

Mobile Applications is something everyone requires for their business so that they can beat the odds of competition and the expected standards of the users can also be met and this never fails to take the business from the ground to skies and beyond.

But the dilemma comes when we reach at a point where we have to pick a technology to make an application because there are several technologies in every field.

And the dilemma doesn’t end here, it continues when you decide to knock the door of an app development company and then they offer only that they have in their closet, which sometimes doesn’t work out the way we want it to.

Okay! Let’s not get scared with this, instead, we only have to understand this has been acquired from the real-life episodes, which can come into your way when you take the first step on the road of app development. So, this is proposed that you must eradicate the chaos and get something that is required and the needs of the business can be fulfilled as per expectations.


What’s the Answer??

Something to consider from the scratch is, every business and industry has their own set of specific demands, even the behavior also varies as per users, and in order to keep your customers satisfied with your services and the products then you must know that what exactly your users are looking for.  

But here we are talking about React Native, which is the most significant aspect of the seamless development process.


Let’s start the voyage in learning the React Native technology:

React native is a JavaScript framework, which enables the user to real, natively adapted mobile applications. React Native Android and React Native iOS both can be targeted with this technology.


How does it exactly help?

Ultimately, React Native is the technology platform, which expertise in creating a real and fast performance mobile app with the help of JavaScript only, and there are still much more to uncover and this is the technology that can be used for both Android and iOS platforms.

The app developer needs to write the code once and the React Native app will be available for both Android and iOS in no time and with time it also saves your cost.

Some features that make it so preferable:

It’s Time-Saving:

Most of the time the development gets too long because it requires two different set of teams who have to handle the code base so the application is accessible on the platforms Android as well as iOS. This slows down the process of creating the application as the developers need to juggle with two different set of codes at the same time, this issue has been acknowledged by React Native which enable the software developers to employ one language code for both the platforms.

Bug-Free Code Quality:

The number of codes is the main reason for the cause of bugs which inhibit the user’s experience. The bugs bring your users more closely to not to like your app and grow nearer competitors. This issue is being acknowledged by the React Native technology as very less number of codes is utilizes within the application, which vanishes the existence of errors.

Application of JavaScript:

JavaScript is the foundation in the building of React Native for mobile apps, which is an easier facet to choose for the front-end engineers and this make it much more beneficial for the back-end engineers to pick. Groundless to mention,  this facet opens loads of opportunities for more front-end engineers so that they can enhance their skills and get their technological hands professionally strong. Moreover, the unnecessary disturbance also gets eliminated that is caused during the learning process of Android-specific Java or iOS Swift for the developers, here only the Java-specific information serves the purpose.

Apart from these technical advancements, React native also offers some additional advantages that are to be experienced in the development process, such as:

1. It is an open source technology, which makes it a free resource for all developers by letting them utilize the frameworks and its libraries in absolutely no cost.

2. React Native offers over-the-air updates, letting the developers avoid the bulky app stores approval process, for any type of minor changes made. The developers can release the updated version out when the user wants to download it, the application itself gets upgraded which leads to the time saving and offers control over the app updates release.

“React Native is the synonym of  the faster speed and the performance”

This leads to your targeted audience to experience high mishap-free exposure of the app technology.

Undoubtedly, this technology lets your mobile application to achieve the excellence of performance and opens the floodgate of opportunities for your mobile app. This experience can accumulate more praises, once you decide to move forward with your app development process with a leading top app development company.