iOS 13, going to launch soon; Know more about it
  • 20 Sep 2019
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iOS 13, going to launch soon; Know more about it

Apple is all ready to roll out iOS 13 which encompasses numerous improvements to the company’s mobile operating system. Before this, the brand was constantly releasing beta updates for iOS 13 that gave a clear picture of how new OS updates are going to work. With iOS 13, it is expected that the Technology Giant will become more powerful and faster.
If you’re planning to buy new iPhone 11, you must know what iOS 13 is bringing with it that makes you bite fingers this time. Let me tell you the biggest features of iOS 13-



Dark mode- It is most anticipated and talked about feature since iOS 7 this is the most apparent visual change to be implied in iOS. It is a fact that system-wide Dark mode is completely black and supports all types of the first-party app of Apple. In addition to this, the dock and notifications get all of these new colors. New wallpapers optimized for Dark Mode automatically change as you switch between dark and light. Even all the third-party apps will also support this refreshing look hence the developers of your much-liked app will succeed in making use of new theme making changes within their user surfaces. One feature which you would really like is how to change the wallpaper with the dark theme. So if you head into Settings, select the theme to change automatically as per the schedule or be in time with sunset and sunrise.



Find My- In the new iOS 13, you’ll see that Apple has merged its Find My friends and My iPhone into a Single App called Find My. All of Apple’s tracking tools are into one place allowed to locate both missing devices and loved once using the same interface. Along with that, this new feature also locates devices which are offline- by sending a secure Bluetooth beacon to other apple devices, then relaying it back to Apple and you to. Developers split the app into two features, i.e. Devices and People, switching from one to another is pretty easy just my making a single tap on the relevant icon provided on the bottom of the screen. And as you expected, the people tab shows you all your friends and family and where they are whereas the device tab represents individual devices belonging to you and your family. 



Swiping Keyboard- With iOS 13, Apple has modified its keyboard by applying this new swiping functionality reminiscent of Swiftkey, Swype, GBoard and others. The "Quick Path" keyboard works pretty simply like just simply swipe between letters you are keen to use to type works with a single use of finger or thumb. It means you will be typing faster once get accurate with it. One thing we did notice on our pressure-sensitive XS Max screen was that we’d often launch the trackpad feature by accident, likely due to pressing the screen a little too hard before swiping. This signifies relearning is not to be so forceful, a little bit of learning curve is required while typing messages/emails.


Reminders- The Technology Giant has revamped Reminders app with its entirely new look that is quite consistent with all other recently developed apps and its features simple rounded rectangle field, colorful icons and flat. Additionally, Apple has even added other filtering options, i.e. Scheduled, Today and Flagged as well as it integrates AI smart apps into this app. So, users will only need to type and reminders will be automatically suggested when you would like to be reminded. Even you can also tag your contacts and be reminded once the messages thread is opened.



New Siri voice sounds more natural- A new Siri voice debuts with iOS 13 and it sounds like in a natural way than before; in other words, the sound is less robotic. To do so, Apple has used advanced neural text-to-speech technology and you will notice especially when Siri speaks longer phrases.  Siri will read all your messages and channel them into buds that are convenient.  Another perk of Siri is, your voice assistant on HomePod will understand the voices of different family members in your home.


Apple Maps- iOS 13 maps look better. Apple has improved its maps from the ground up by offering more realistic details about roads, parks, streets, buildings, beaches etc. Even you can explore places with a 3D 360-degree view. It will allow to navigate saved location more easily in with one tap, i.e. they'll appear at the top of the search menu. 


Privacy- Apple is also retooling certain things in iOS 13 with an aim to deliver more privacy and security. For example- you can select your location data to an app for once. Apple will also launch a new “sign-in with Apple” feature to log into apps and services. With this way, users can log by their Face ID and create a new account for services sans revealing any of the personal information. Moreover, it will also provide a facility to create a new email ID for apps that forwarded to your real email.


Messages- In iOS 13, messages allow to get the profile picture and display picture thus users can share photos and name with others. Even they can use other Memoji as a profile picture. Siri will read all your messages by giving an audible notification while using AirPods saying something like this- “Message from Breto”. This feature rolled out to third-party apps, thus you will get notified from Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, Messenger.


Apart from that, there are other few improvements made by Apple in iOS13. Likewise- Apple Mail turned into desktop format whereas Safari will get pre-website preferences and notes is also getting a new gallery view. The Memoji section in iOS13 is completely new as iPhone and iPad users can customize a Memoji and iOS 13 will automatically create a fun-looking sticker pack that lives in a sub-menu on the keyboard. At last, you'll find that Face ID will be unlocking 30% faster and apps would launch or install twice faster in iOS 13.