Innovative and Modern Web Design Trends
  • 19 Oct 2019
  • Admin

Innovative and Modern Web Design Trends


Are you planning to build a website for your business? Maybe, your website looks modern and classy today but after a few months it may fade out. There are certain trends in the marketplace that come and go, but craftsmanship would always be in fashion. In past decades, you have seen massive changes in website development. Hence, the advent of new technologies and tools play an important role in the popularity of web development trends. Image search, chatbot animation, Voice interfaces, and other crazy things are taking the tech world by storm.

Design trends have pushed towards rampant creativity- abandoning grids and traditional stock photos for vibrant illustrations, bold color schemes, and asymmetrical layouts.  Everything from colors to layouts, typography to white space and everything in between; all this has achieved enormous popularity among developers in 2018 and will continue to emerge as trends in 2019.

So, before developing a website you need to focus on the trending features which are crucial to the success of your website. There are several things are happening in web design around you.


1. Serifs on Screen


We’ve heard the rule that serifs are for print and sans serifs are for the screen. But what are the design trends for if not to give convention a little shaking up? While sans, with its clean readability, is still the go-to for longer bouts of website copy, more and more brands are turning towards bold serifs in other aspects of their designs, i.e. callouts and headers. The good reason for this – serifs were designed to be decorative, making them perfect for emphasis. Even though serifs are usually linked with the past, they contain lots of character which are more adaptive than you might think.


2. Full-Screen Video Background


The concept of background videos is pretty good as it aids to catch the customers’ attention. Moving objects intends to more attractive and impressive. This short video renders more information which lets your customers to quickly know the characteristics of webpage, products, and services. In addition to this, using video in the background enhances user time on the web page and aids in improving the bounce rate and conversion rate.


3. Responsive Design


It is essential that your website has to be compatible with devices of all sizes. Having a responsive website makes you feel like an app as the given content over there moves dynamically as per the screen size. According to data, almost 70% of users prefer their smartphones to get things done. Hence, developers should also consider this while developing any website.




4. Bright and Rich Gradient


Color gradients also play a vital role in the designing and looks of the website. It has always been in the trend and adopted by designers over the world. In order to make your website attractive, you can choose the fluid gradient on your website; this adds more look and feels on your website.

From a bright overlaying image to gradient background to animations and that features vibrant color combinations and moving colors will ads to gain popularity in this digital world.



5. Broken Grid and Asymmetrical Layouts


Web design has always been in trend and brought crucial transformation within industries. You may have seen that several websites are running with amazing features. Broken grid or asymmetrical layout is one of them that also flaunts the look of the website. Basically, a grid is a term that assists a website designer to maintain alignment and consistency when they’re adding content and photos to the site. In this sense, I would like to recommend you to follow the broken grid and asymmetrical layouts so as to give a standard look to your website.



6. Micro-intentions


Micro-intentions are events for a specific purpose, i.e. to surprise the user and create an event that is inviting and human. When you take a small action on a website or app and there is a specific response to it, this is a micro-interaction. On the other hand, every time you take a small action on a website or app and there is a specific response to it, this is a micro-interaction. All in this, the best way to involve your clients with your website in order to subtly transmit information for users about their actions and usage and make web pages feel a little smarter.


7. Friendly Navigation


Usability is the most important role in any website. So, if you want to build a large customer base, then you should consider easy-to-use navigation. Having user-friendly navigation attracts users. If you provide your users with simple and easy to use navigate, then chances would be high of coming again on your website. While implementing navigation, we need to be very careful in designs.




8. Nostalgic / Throwback / Retro design aesthetic


What is old is new again. As we’re moving beyond flat design, where experimentation seems to have no limits, the time seems ripe to also bring back old design elements with a hint of nostalgia. Experimentation with nostalgia and retro design styles can create a nice juxtaposition between then and now design. What makes this even more interesting, is that we can expect seeing more retro design styles reflecting time periods before websites were easily accessible to the masses; making it feel “new” to many people. 


9. Fluid Design and Elements


There are many websites are running out that feature fluid design and elements. Developing a website with fluid designs and elements gives a rich and different look to the website. Furthermore, fluid design is a modern design element that makes website designers rely upon to streamline high-quality content and create a better user experience. You can also consider this for your website, it would always be in trend.