7 Tips to Build Your Own Web Portal In 2019
  • 26 Sep 2019
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7 Tips to Build Your Own Web Portal In 2019

For most people, the thought of designing your own website or anything related to web development is a daunting or scary task, especially when you're new for this internet stuff. A web portal or website is a digital platform that serves gigantic information about the products or services. Through this, users can save time and money by collecting relevant information. Hence, to develop your web portal you should follow some easy tips to improve the visibility of your site.

In this blog, we're discussing certain tips and tricks to designing your business web portal and attract clients in 2019.


Assess your goals and know your areas of interest

The very much important thing is to decide the niche of your business. Which type of business portal do you want to build? Would it be potential? Will it be used as regional, personal and a hobby portal? Finding answers to these questions as soon as possible and assess your goals make developing your business web portal as easy as a piece of cake. If you've successfully addressed the business niche then you should research and study market scope. This will make you able to elucidate the scope of business and ask some questions before opening your check book. Some major questions are- do have some efficient resources to start the portal? Is it required to leverage the current website, sales staff and clients to generate additional revenue? Do you have sufficient time and technical skills to operate it?


Recognize & Understand Your Clients & Their Needs

It is also very indeed to know your clients' needs or wants to clear your purpose. Most of the business owners have inadequate knowledge of what a website should be, who will be the target customers, what types of services have to be delivered? It is critical to know your target audiences and their needs. The services you're offering must meet customers' needs when they visit your website. If you can customize your web portal to the individual tastes of clients, they will love it. To do so, Big Data Analysis is the only thing which can help you in that. Hence, make sure you don’t ignore the task of “data analysis” for any reason whatsoever.

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Choose Web Technology to Build Your Web Portal

Nowadays, a wide range of web programming technologies existing to create websites, web portals and web application that are combining both. These web technologies are proprietary platforms while some are open source. Business organizations are giving preference due to certain security concerns while the majority of businesses opt for open source to leverage it. Selection of such technologies and tools depends on the nature of your web portal and requirements of content management. PHP open-source platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are eminent CMS used on the web. WordPress is covering 50% websites, Drupal 18%, and Joomla 7%. If you are going to select any web technology to create your web portal, consider the following points -

  • The platform should be user-friendly and developer-friendly
  • Powerful enough to manage any level of intricacy in development
  • Cost-effective so open-source platforms are the winner here
  • Need active support of a huge developer community


Don’t go for the looks – go for the feel

Today, web portal designing is all about improving UX on the whole. You portal might looks good but if access web portability and comprehensive web portability increase bugs among customers, your revenue is bound to suffer in the long run. So, it is always advisable to focus more on UX than looks. Work hard to boost up the page loading speed of your website, trust me it will work. To do so, you can also consider plenty of various hosting platforms available. For instance- work with WordPress is a great customizable and scalable option, but others are also available you can look over based on the needs of your website.

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Consider Future Growth

If you are wishing to grow your business quickly, think carefully before choosing any platform especially aimed at very small sites. Platforms like- Squarespace and Wix can work in a great way for businesses which plan to stay relatively small and use just a few features. But if you ever outgrow them, transferring all of your site content to a new host can be a pain. Furthermore, to ensure the future growth of your website it is necessary to upload the software of the website and install it according to the script-specific direction. The developer must have a good knowledge of MySQL for this job because web portals usually run on databases.


Consider the project's scale and seeks sample

Once you have a few names to consider, take a look at their other work and don't be afraid to ask for references. It improves the market presence of your website. Besides this, even if you’ve found some sites you like, they might not have many elements that would be applicable to your own website project. For this, you must take into consideration a project scale along with actual design elements. You don’t need to choose a popular website designer if your project is small and basic.


Managing Finance Effectively

While developing any web portal for a business it is better to know about the costs involved in overall development and designing. Use of technology is what matters in identifying the cost of development. Hence, to make the right decisions you must master the art of using technology. For example- an open-source technology can be used to develop a web portal to reduce financial burden in case of start-ups to gain the financial edge over their competitors. By shaping planned coalitions with some other websites instead of spending hard-earned cash. You can market your portal website. Such steps would really assist in accomplishing sustainable project development. 


Last but never the least, market your web portal

Promote your site on the internet as much as possible through content marketing, Google Adwords, social blogging and using other SEO tactics or tools in order to gain maximum profitability over time. However, it's a time-consuming process but if done in the right way will surely give many benefits. For this, an effective or adequate SEO strategy is required as it makes you reach everywhere in this digital world. An SEO strategy will help to generate huge traffic on your web portal and raise several customers.