React Native: A Desired Knowledge for App Development

  • 07 Jan 2019
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Mobile Applications is something everyone requires for their business so that they can beat the odds of competition and the expected...

Artificial Intelligence - The Latest Trending Technology

  • 12 Dec 2018
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Applications: According to science and technology, artificial intelligence is the area that creates intelligent machines that react and...

Flutter 1.0 - New Exposure to Application Development

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Introduction It's been two or three weeks now since Flutter Live, our worldwide festival of Flutter, and we thought we would share a...

Android 9 Pie With Some Amazing Features

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We never acknowledge how the time flies, as in the innovation stack, Android made its entrance with a vastly improved rendition Android P...

Virtual Reality: Creating a Move in HealthCare System

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VR which stand for Virtual Reality is significantly more than only another type of diversion. When we consider Virtual Reality, we will, in...

Why Geo Location in Your App is Required Feature

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In the vicinity of our surrounding, there are numerous technologies which have plunged us to an extent that we cannot even think of our...

Native Apps vs Hybrid Apps

  • 27 Sep 2018
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The mobile application that is specifically developed for a selected OS is that the Native app. Like Objective C or Swift for iOS and Java...

Android Apps vs iOS Apps

  • 29 Aug 2018
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We live in the era wherever nobody can imagine their life without widget, particularly a smartphone. WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook,...

Do's And Don'ts For App Marketing In Social Media

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Social Media A self-explanatory word that utterly defines its relevance and recognition in the current era of technology. It is referred...

How To Make Mobile App Startups More Accessible And Successful?

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How can a mobile app startup make the profit while, at the same time, the number of free apps in the market continues to grow? There is an...

Need For Payment Gateways In E-Commerce Websites

  • 25 Jul 2018
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In the current developing era of technology wherever everything is simply a click aloof from your step, additional and additional...